Its been a while since we have updated the Connektd platform, but this week we have released a new update - and its' a big one!

Previously all of our content was hidden behind the login, meaning that it was only available to members. This meant that your posts were not being seen by the largest audience possible, and people coming to the site could not see all the great posts on the site.

We have now moved the latest member posts, along with our partner posts onto the home page, which has the following benefits...

1. Your content is available to more people!
2. Our SEO is improved, meaning more companies will find us and join, therefore providing more opportunities
3. Companies who do come to the site can see the great content and are more likely to join

As always, we are open to any feedback (good or bad), so do let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for other improvements we could make