Today we start pre-records of webinar sessions for The Event Freelancer Summit. On my desk in preparation is as follows; laptop raised on Michelle Obama's book (never read), Ayurveda for Dummies book (also never read) and three note books, fancy microphone (which glows red when live), obligatory ring light to soften the look, and one desk light that lifts the under chin shadow, note book on the left for last minute to-do list, two mobile phones, one for WeChat and timer, the other for calls, on laptop screen I have preview of my camera and script slide, on the large screen I have WhatsApp, webinar running order, emails, underneath which I have a/c remote control, large bottle of water for hydration and over in the corner an opened bottle of red, ready to drink on completion of the sessions. A little elephant talisman, mask, and some peanut/ sesame sweets for a quick sugar hit. I am not expecting a critique of my set up but no doubt somebody will chip in some helpful recommendation, so what am I missing, no space for book shelf or family photos, I am literally doing this from the end of my bed. #getconnektd, #theeventfreelancersummit